Raffle Winners

Thank you to everyone who came out today. We had a great time and I hope y’all did too.

We had our raffle drawing today at 4:30 and here are the winners.

A Semester of Gymnastics: Sophia Williamson
A Birthday Party at Jump!: Sophia Williamson (lucky day or just a lot of raffle tickets?)
A Week of Summer Camp: Morgan Travis
A Private Lesson with the Coach of your Choice: Maria Garza

We have not drawn for our Weekly Gymnastics Classes until the Age of 12 yet, we need 10 entries to do so and are up to 5.
The tickets are $150, but the value is up to $8,670. Click here to purchase a ticket.

Congratulations to ALL our Winners!

About jumpforaustin

The playfulness that fun and energetic gymnastics classes offer is the secret to keeping students wanting to come back every week. Students are excited and look forward to the fantasy land they will get to explore. Learning gymnastics skills can be tedious, cumbersome, and frustrating at times, so Jump! implements a playful theme on top of the challenges, dissolving the sometimes overwhelming challenge into a game or playful adventure.

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