About Us

The Creation of Jump! Gymnastics

Jump! Gymnastics was opened in April of 2007 by owner, Natalie McKee. Natalie was a gymnast since the age of 4 and began coaching gymnastics to pay her way through college. Throughout her time as a gymnast and coach, she realized that there was a gap to be filled in how gymnastics was taught to children. Currently gymnastics instruction is limited to two very distinct styles, fun and energetic or strict and disciplined. Natalie worked to create a curriculum that would combine the most beneficial aspects of each of these styles. 

The quick progress that is observed with the strict and disciplined style was kept by developing structured, curriculum driven classes that embrace the concepts of skill deconstruction and progression tracking. This half of the curriculum creates the backbone of Jump!’s Gymnastics Classes. It provides the structure, consistency, discipline and physical motivation necessary to learn gymnastics skills quickly. 

The playfulness that fun and energetic gymnastics classes offer is the secret to keeping students wanting to come back every week. Students are excited and look forward to the fantasy land they will get to explore. Learning gymnastics skills can be tedious, cumbersome, and frustrating at times, so Jump! implements a playful theme on top of the challenges, dissolving the sometimes overwhelming challenges into a game or playful adventure. 

The combination and creative integration of these two philosophies makes Jump! – Austin’s most fun way to learn Gymnastics. 

The Expansion of Jump!’s Programs

Jump! now offers more than just gymnastics. We realized that the same philosophy of offering quality, disciplined instruction presented in a fun, creative way could be applied to many other children’s programs. We hired professional, like minded directors to create curriculum and implement these programs at Jump! We now offer preschool, parent’s day out, camps, and birthday parties with the same standards of quality instruction, qualified staff and fun delivery that has been enjoyed for years in our gymnastics program

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